Holmes & Watson (1963), Dales & Silverberg (1969) and Hummeler, Tomassini & Zajac (1969) showed that herpes simplex virus enters the host cell by being engulfed via the phagocytic process. Equine abortion virus enters the cell similarly (Abodeely, Lawson & Randall, 1970). An alternative mechanism of virus entry has been proposed by Morgan, Rose & Mednis (1968) who suggest that the stages of herpes virus entry into the host cell consist of attachment, digestion of the virus envelope, digestion of the cell membrane, passage of the capsid into the cytoplasm, breakdown of the capsid with the subsequent release of the DNA core into the cytoplasm. We describe here the early stages of infection of kidney cells by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, another member of the herpes virus group.

Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus was kindly supplied by the Cell Culture Division of the Naval Biomedical Laboratory, Oakland, California.


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