Nine strains of Newcastle disease virus were examined for their ability to inhibit cellular protein synthesis and to cause cell fusion. Inhibition of cellular protein synthesis was confined to infection with virulent strains (, ‘’, ) and the mesogenic strain . No inhibition of synthesis was recorded with avirulent strains (). Inhibition of cellular protein synthesis required virus protein synthesis within 3 hr of infection and could be inhibited by parafluorophenylalanine and Congo red. Cell fusion and haemadsorption by the various Newcastle disease virus strains also required virus-induced protein synthesis and were inhibited by cycloheximide, parafluorophenylalanine and Congo red. However, neither virus-induced inhibition of cellular protein synthesis nor cell fusion required new virus RNA synthesis, since azauridine did not affect these processes. The importance of virus-induced proteins in the inhibition of protein synthesis and cell fusion is discussed.


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