Phenol-extracted DNA from adeno-associated virus (AAV) types 1 and 4 consists of duplex strands with molecular weights of 3.6 × 10 and 3.0 × 10, respectively (Rose, Hoggan & Shatkin, 1966; Parks 1967). Parks and his co-workers have shown 1.5 µm. duplex strands in electron micrographs of AAV-4-DNA. However, on comparing the DNA from AAV-1 with the DNAs from a minute virus of mice and from bacteriophage ∅X174, Crawford (1969) concluded that the molecular weight of the AAV-DNA should not exceed 1.7 × 10 and suggested that two populations of virus particles might contain complementary single strands.

The recent studies of Rose (1969) and Mayor (1969) have shown that preparations of AAV types 3 and 4 contain two populations of complementary single-stranded DNAs, which form duplex molecules after extraction from the virus particles; Mayer (1969) showed an electron micrograph of AAV-4-DNA during renaturation, with partly duplex molecules.


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