Lipid metabolism in cells infected with adenovirus type 5 was studied using [P]orthophosphate and [C]acetate precursors. Within the first 6 hr after infection, uptake of isotopes into cellular lipids was increased, although at this time no qualitative changes in the pattern of labelling were observed. At 12 to 18 hr after infection there was a markedly increased uptake of [C]acetate into cellular triglycerides. Increased lipid metabolism was demonstrated using ultravioletirradiated virus and purified penton base capsid subunits as well as whole infective virus. Highly purified adenovirus type 5 from cells labelled with [P]orthophosphate during infection contained small amounts of radioactive lipid; the data presented suggest that this represented cellular lipid which remained attached to the virus, rather than lipid intrinsic to the virus particle.


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