Third Circular. Provisional Scientific Programme. For information about participation in scientific sessions, please write directly to the session chairmen.

For information about registration and for registration forms, please write to: The Registrar, Second International Congress for Virology, MOTESZ, Aprod u. 1, Budapest 1, Hungary.

Symposia (Plenary sessions). Monday morning. (structure — physical and chemical, replication, repair mechanisms, cell-free systems) Dr Charles Weissmann (Switzerland), Dr Sol Spiegelman (USA)

Tuesday morning. (virus particles, structure and function of subviral components, viral assembly) Dr Robert W. Horne (UK), Dr Samuel Dales (USA)

Wednesday morning. (regulatory mechanisms, non-structural proteins, abortive infections, cell-free systems) Dr Wolfgang K. Joklik (USA), Dr Victor M. Zhdanov (USSR)

Thursday morning. (hepatitis, persistent infections, new and improved virus vaccines) Dr Helio G. Pereira (UK), Dr Edwin H. Lennette (USA)


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