The Pasteur strain of fixed rabies virus was inactivated by most common organic solvents, but survived a single treatment with trifluorotricholoroethane. The virus was stable at pH values between 5.0 and 10.0. Inactivation by heat was similar to that of other viruses. The virus was destroyed by trypsin and damaged by phospholipase C but not by ribonuclease; enzyme inhibitors did not preserve the infectivity of mouse-brain suspensions. Viral infectivity was diminished only after repeated freezing and thawing or long exposure to ultrasonic vibration. Equilibrium centrifugation in sucrose solutions gave two peaks of infectivity corresponding to densities of 1.13 g./cm. and 1.19 g./cm.. Chromatographic purification on ECTEOLA-cellulose was unsuccessful. Partially purified virus was readily inactivated by the photodynamic effect of methylene blue. Potent suspensions of virus did not agglutinate red cells of several mammalian and avian species under different conditions of pH and temperature.


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