Sixteen bacteriophages for several strains of were isolated from throat washings and lysogenic organisms. The phages are placed into five groups based on serological and host-range characteristics. Group I, host strain , has phages 1, 2, mutant 2, 5, 6, and 13, 1 is virulent, all others temperate for the host. Plaque size is about 1.5 mm., the largest for phages. Group II, host strains and , has phage 4 and mutant 4. The neutralizable antigens of these phages are modified when the host is changed. The group III phages, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 11, are temperate for host strain . Group III A has a single member, 10, which is temperate for its host, strain . The group IV phages, 12, 155, 159 and 208, were all isolated from strains of on host strain . Plaque size is about 0.1 mm., the smallest for the phages. All phages within a group are apparently serologically identical. Groups II, III and IIIA are serologically related, the others are distinct. The most remarkable feature is the extremely limited host range of each phage. Since the original chance isolations of the hosts given above, no additional phage-sensitive have been found in over 300 strains tested.


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