An electron microscopic study was made of the plasma lactic dehydrogenase elevating virus of Riley (1960) in cultures of mouse peritoneal macrophages. Four morphologically different forms of particle were seen: (1) large round particles, 510 Å in diameter, consisting of a nucleoid enclosed by dense double membranes (310 Å) and a less dense halo, which was occasionally seen to be bounded by a thin external membrane; (2) large elongated particles of similar morphology to type 1; (3) small round particles, 330 Å in diameter, very similar in appearance to the nucleoid of the large particle; (4) small rod-shaped particles, also surrounded by double membranes and varying in length between 640 and 1240 Å and in width between 200 and 380 Å. Similar particles were observed in pellets prepared by ultracentrifugation from viraemic mouse plasma and the medium of infected cultures.


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