Little is known about the individual stages of SV 40 virus development in Cercopithecus monkey kidney cells. This study was concerned with the phase of transcription for proteins essential for synthesis of virus specific protein. It was assumed that these processes would require DNA-dependent RNA synthesis and could, therefore, be inhibited by actinomycin D (1). Rapp demonstrated the complete inhibition of virus specific protein synthesis by actinomycin D. In their experiments the drug was added after virus adsorption and remained in the medium until the end of the experiment. However, with the compound in contact with the cells throughout the experiment there was marked cytotoxicity and it was difficult to interpret the significance of repression of virus antigen synthesis (2, 3). Exposure of the cells to actinomycin D for only short periods at various times after infection would be more likely to give information about the time of transcription during one single growth cycle of SV 40, and simultaneously circumvent cell damage.


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