It is generally accepted that the rhinoviruses are closely related to the enteroviruses (1). Part of the evidence for this is the close similarity of the cytopathic effects observed in cell cultures infected with members of either of these groups of viruses (2, 3, 4). There is, however, no detailed description of the cytopathic effects produced by a rhinovirus. This report describes in detail and compares the development of cellular changes observed in HEp2 cells infected with virus, a member of the rhinovirus group, and with Coxsackie virus B type 5.

The propagation of the HEp 2 cells employed in these experiments has been described elsewhere (5). Coverslip cultures were prepared by inoculating approximately 120,000 cells into 16 × 125 mm screw cap roller tubes containing 6 × 22 mm. coverslips. Within 24 hr most of the coverslips were covered with a monolayer of cells. There were also many cells growing on the adjacent walls of the roller tube.


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