Serological relationships between members of the herpes group of viruses have been reported previously on the basis of neutralization tests by Sabin (1) and by Burnet (2) who showed neutralization of herpes simplex virus by convalescent sera from monkeys infected with herpes virus B. Complement fixation tests have also been claimed to show a relation between herpes simplex and pseudorabies viruses.(3) On the other hand, Kaplan & Vatter(4) reported no cross neutralization between herpes simplex and pseudorabies viruses. In this note we report the results obtained in cross-neutralization and gel immunodiffusion tests with herpes simplex, herpes B and pseudorabies viruses using a rabbit antiserum to herpes infected RK 13 cells (5) and an antiserum to B virus (obtained by inoculating a naturally infected monkey with B virus, grown in monkey kidney cells).

Herpes simplex virus (strain ) was grown in BHK 21 cells(6) or RK 13 cells(7) as previously described (5).


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