A recent publication has documented the fact that when the nomenclatural types of the genera Zhang . 2018 [ (Viljoen . 1926) Zhang . 2018], Patel . 1980 ( Patel . 1980) and Koeck . 2016 ( Koeck . 2016) are treated as being members of the same genus, i.e. Zhang . 2018, Patel . 1980 and Koeck . 2016 are treated as heterotypic synonyms, the name at the rank of genus to be used is Patel . 1980 and Zhang . 2018 is an illegitimate name. In a previous publication this led to the replacement of the genus name Zhang . 2018 in the combinations (Yang . 1990) Zhang . 2018, (Zhilina . 2006) Zhang . 2018, clariflavum (Shiratori . 2009) Zhang . 2018, (Kato . 2004) Zhang . 2018, saccincola (Koeck . 2016) Zhang . 2018, (Patel . 1980) Zhang . 2018 and (Viljoen . 1926) Zhang . 2018. Given the fact that the name Zhang . 2018 is illegitimate, Rettenmaier . 2019 must follow the same fate as other members of the genus and the illegitimate genus name replaced by the genus name Patel . 1980, creating the combination (Rettenmaier . 2019).


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  1. Tindall BJ. The names Hungateiclostridium Zhang et al. 2018, Hungateiclostridium thermocellum (Viljoen et al. 1926) Zhang et al. 2018, Hungateiclostridium cellulolyticum (Patel et al. 1980) Zhang et al. 2018, Hungateiclostridium aldrichii (Yang et al. 1990) Zhang et al. 2018, Hungateiclostridium alkalicellulosi (Zhilina et al. 2006) Zhang et al. 2018, Hungateiclostridium clariflavum (Shiratori et al. 2009) Zhang et al. 2018, Hungateiclostridium straminisolvens (Kato et al. 2004) Zhang et al. 2018 and Hungateiclostridium saccincola (Koeck et al. 2016) Zhang et al. 2018 contravene Rule 51b of the International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes and require replacement names in the genus Acetivibrio Patel et al. 1980. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol in press 2019 [View Article]
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  4. Rettenmaier R, Gerbaulet M, Liebl W, Zverlov VV. Hungateiclostridium mesophilum sp. nov., a mesophilic, cellulolytic and spore-forming bacterium isolated from a biogas fermenter fed with maize silage. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol in press 2019 [View Article]
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