The generic name Kang, Chun, Seo, Kim and Jahng 2015, 2212 is malformed: being derived from the Latin noun , … instead of is required. Moreover, according to Appendix 9 of the Prokaryotic Code, a connecting vowel must be dropped when the following word element starts with a vowel. I therefore propose to correct the name to .


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  1. Kang JY, Chun J, Seo JW, Kim CH, Jahng KY. Flaviaesturariibacter amylovorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a starch-hydrolysing bacterium, isolated from estuarine water. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2015; 65:2209–2214 [View Article][PubMed]
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  2. Pascual J, Foesel BU, Geppert A, Huber KJ, Overmann J. Flaviaesturariibacter luteus sp. nov., isolated from an agricultural floodplain soil, and emended description of the genus Flaviaesturariibacter. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2017; 67:1727–1734 [View Article][PubMed]
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