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Notification of changes in taxonomic opinion previously published outside the IJSEM, Page 1 of 1

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Keyword(s): emendation , names and taxonomic opinion

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  1. Hahnke RL, Meier-Kolthoff JP, García-López M, Mukherjee S, Huntemann M et al. Genome-based taxonomic classification of Bacteroidetes. Front Microbiol 2016;7:2003 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  2. Busarakam K, Brown R, Bull AT, Tan GY, Zucchi TD et al. Classification of thermophilic actinobacteria isolated from arid desert soils, including the description of Amycolatopsis deserti sp. nov. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 2016;109:319–334 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  3. De Witte C, Flahou B, Ducatelle R, Smet A, De Bruyne E et al. Detection, isolation and characterization of Fusobacterium gastrosuis sp. nov. colonizing the stomach of pigs. Syst Appl Microbiol 2017;40:42–50 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  4. Shin S, Kahng HY. Cyclobacterium sediminis sp. nov. isolated from a sea cucumber aquaculture farm and emended description of the genus Cyclobacterium. J Microbiol 2017;55:90–95 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  5. Nouioui I, Göker M, Carro L, Montero-Calasanz MC, Rohde M et al. High quality draft genome of Nakamurella lactea type strain, a rock actinobacterium, and emended description of Nakamurella lactea. Stand Genomic Sci 2017;12:4 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  6. Diéguez AL, Balboa S, Magnesen T, Romalde JL. Neptuniibacter pectenicola sp. nov. and Neptuniibacter marinus sp. nov., two novel species isolated from a Great scallop (Pecten maximus) hatchery in Norway and emended description of the genus Neptuniibacter. Syst Appl Microbiol 2017;40:80–85 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  7. Huang Z, Zhao F, Li YH. Isolation of Paenibacillus tumbae sp. nov., from the tomb of the emperor Yang of the Sui dynasty, and emended description of the genus Paenibacillus. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 2017;110:357–364 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  8. Idris H, Labeda DP, Nouioui I, Castro JF, Montero-Calasanz MC et al. Streptomyces aridus sp. nov., isolated from a high altitude Atacama Desert soil and emended description of Streptomyces noboritoensis Isono et al. 1957. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 2017;110:705–717 [CrossRef][PubMed]
    [Google Scholar]
  9. Constantin EC, Cleenwerck I, Maes M, Baeyen S, Van Malderghem C et al. Genetic characterization of strains named as Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. dieffenbachiae leads to a taxonomic revision of the X. axonopodis species complex. Plant Pathol 2016;65:792–806 [CrossRef]
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