A chromomycin-producing actinomycete, strain AP19, was isolated from a sample of faeces collected from Foping national nature reserve in China. Chemotaxonomic and morphological properties indicated that the novel isolate was a member of the genus . Phylogenetic analyses based on an almost complete 16S rRNA gene sequence of the strain and on the 120-nt nucleotide variable -region of this molecule revealed that it was closely related to ISP 5236 and subsp. ATCC 27732. DNA–DNA relatedness values among these strains were above 70 %. subsp. could be readily distinguished from ATCC 14889 by differing BOX-PCR fingerprinting patterns, relatively low 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity and a low DNA–DNA relatedness value. It is proposed, therefore, that subsp. is a later synonym of .


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vol. , part 12, pp. 2783 - 2787

BOX-PCR patterns of strains having close relationships with strain AP19 and subsp. ATCC 27732 . [ PDF] 65 KB


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