Four novel ellipsoidal spore-forming isolates with swollen sporangia, isolated from raw milk and feed concentrate, showed a high level of similarity in SDS-PAGE, fatty acid methyl esters and routine phenotypic tests. However, 16S rRNA gene sequence comparisons showed that this taxon was different from other related species, and only a low level of DNA relatedness was found with the closest phylogenetic and phenotypic relative, . This taxon could be differentiated from on the basis of morphological differences, stronger acid reactions with a wide range of substrates after 48 h incubation, and qualitative and quantitative differences in fatty acid content. On the basis of these data, a novel species, sp. nov., is proposed, with LMG 22866 (=DSM 17057) as the type strain.


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vol. , part 6, pp. 2551-2554

A UPGMA clustering of normalized SDS-PAGE patterns of whole-cell proteins of isolates belonging to sp. nov. and the type strain and a table showing the cellular fatty acid methyl ester profiles of strains of sp. nov. and of [PDF](151 KB)


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