The taxonomic position of two spore-forming strains 6T19 and 6T29, isolated from cotton composts for the cultivation of oyster mushroom (), was investigated by a polyphasic approach. Cells of strains 6T19 and 6T29 were rod-shaped, Gram-negative and strictly aerobic. Sequencing and comparative analyses for the 16S rRNA genes of these strains clearly showed their phylogenetic affiliation to the genus . Their closest relatives and have sequence similarity of 96·9 and 97·5 %, respectively. The isoprenoid quinones of isolate 6T19 were MK-9, MK-8, MK-7, MK-10 and MK-6 (45 : 27 : 18 : 5 : 4 %), the peptidoglycan type was -lys←-Asp and the main cellular fatty acid was i-C. DNA–DNA hybridization experiments resulted in relatedness values of 37 % between 6T19 and DSM 10633 and 41 % between 6T19 and DSM 12654. Based on the polyphasic data, strains 6T19 and 6T29 can be described as members of a novel species of the genus s, for which the name sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is 6T19 (=KACC 11287=DSM 16752).


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Morphological shapes of strain 6T19

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