The Judicial Commission affirms that, according to information presented to it, the designated of Fendrich 1989 is DSM 3051 (replacing DSM 3050) and the designated of Fendrich 1989 is DSM 3050 (replacing DSM 3051). A , (Fendrich 1989) Sorokin and Tindall 2006 nom. nov., is created for the species represented by DSM 3051 when treated as a member of the genus , because the combination (Quesada 1984) Dobson and Franzmann 1996 has priority based on the fact that the in the (Quesada 1984) Dobson and Franzmann 1996 ( Quesada 1984) has over the should the taxon Fendrich 1989 be treated as a member of the genus . The (Fendrich 1989) Dobson and Franzmann 1996 is rejected. The Sorokin 2006 is with an of the description of the genus Fendrich 1989 emend. Sorokin 2006.


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