An examination of 104 strains of species included in the genus from various sources and a critical study of the pertinent literture suggest the following revision of the genus:

Tsiklinsky 1899, 501 is the type species (monotype) of the genus, and alone should remian in the genus.

Waksman and Corke 1953, 378 is a junior synonym of .

Henssen 1957 should be regarded as a .

(Berestnev) Waksman 1961, 308 should be regarded as a .

(Lehmann and Schütze) Waksman 1953 should be regarded as a or as a possible synonym of (Schuurmans .) Küster and Locci comb. nov.

Schuuurmans 1956 is transferred to the genus as (Schuurmans ) Küster and Locci comb. nov.


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