Müller has not been used in the literature of protozoology for over 100 years. Article 23 of the International Zoological Code of Nomenclature says “a name that has remained unused as a senior synonym in the primary zoological literature for more than 50 years is to be considered a forgotten name ().” For a little more than 100 years has become established as a commonly accepted generic name in bacteriology. It is recommended from the standpoint of bacteriology that Müller 1773 be regarded as the name of a genus in zoology and in conformity with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature be recognized as a and without standing in bacteriological nomenclature. It is further recommended that Pacini 1854 be placed in the list of conserved generic names () with the type species Pacini 1854 and that the specific epithet in the binary combination Pacini 1854 also be conserved. It is also proposed that the National Collection of Type Cultures (NCTC) strain 8021 (American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) strain 14035) be recognized as the neotype strain of Pacini 1854. The morphological and physiological characteristics, including a photomicrograph of a stained preparation showing monotrichous cells each with a polar flagellum, a represented of the proposed neotype strain.


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