Fifteen ballistoconidium-forming yeasts, isolated from the leaves of plants in Hungary, showed morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics similar to those of Udeniomyces pyricola. The identical sequences of internal transcribed spacer regions for selected strains (HY-16T, HY-29, HY-111 and HY-186) indicated that they should be classified as one species. Although a representative strain, HY-16T, showed a closer relationship to Itersonilia perplexans than to known Udeniomyces species in phylogenetic trees constructed using 18S rDNA and the D1/D2 region of the 26S rDNA sequence, this species was placed in the genus Udeniomyces on the basis of its morphological and chemotaxonomic characteristics. Udeniomycespannonicus sp. nov. (type strain HY-16T = JCM 11145T = NCAIM Y 01556T = CBS 9123T) is proposed.


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