Comparative 16S rDNA studies of Nocardia type and reference strains revealed that strain DSM 43406T, identified as Nocardia vaccinii, was wrongly classified. The strain was aerobic, gram-positive and produced scarce, white, branched aerial mycelium and a beige-red substrate mycelium. The reverse side of the colonies was yellow-orange. It showed chemotaxonomic markers that were consistent with its classification in the genus Nocardia. The mycolic acids had chain lengths from 50 to 58 carbon atoms. The 16S rDNA sequence showed the highest similarity to Nocardia nova (97.7%) and N. vaccinii (97.6%), but the strain could be clearly separated from these species and other members of the N. vaccinii cluster by significant differences in biochemical test results and unique fatty acid and mycolic acid patterns. These data led to the conclusion that the isolate represents a novel species within the genus Nocardia, for which the name Nocardia pseudovaccinii sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is strain AR 368,38366-20T (= DSM 43406T = NRRL B-24154T).


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