A distinct actinomycete isolated from soil was subjected to polyphasic taxonomic analysis. It is demonstrated by comparative 16S rDNA gene sequencing that the organism, designated strain AS 4.0578T, represents a novel species of the genus Lentzea. The phylogenetic results also showed that it formed a monophyletic lineage distinct from the available members of the genera Lentzea, Lechevalieria and Saccharothrix. The organism was distinguished from all the validly described type strains of the genus Lentzea by a combination of phenotypic features and DNA-DNA hybridization. It is proposed, therefore, that strain AS 4.0578T (= JCM 11373T) be classified in the genus Lentzea as Lentzea flaviverrucosa sp. nov. In addition, it is proposed that Saccharothrix aerocolonigenes subsp. staurosporea NRRL 11184T be transferred to Lentzea albida on the basis of phylogenetic analysis, DNA-DNA homology, nucleotide signatures and phenotypic properties.


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