On the basis of phenotypic and genotypic characteristics and analysis of 16S rRNA sequences, two novel species belonging to the genus Pseudoalteromonas are described. A pale-orange-pigmented strain, KMM 3548T, isolated from a sponge and a non-pigmented strain, KMM 520T, isolated from sea water are marine, gram-negative, aerobic, rod-shaped organisms. One of the strains, KMM 520T, had bipolar flagella. Both strains had the ability to degrade gelatin, DNA and Tween 80 but not chitin or agar. Strain KMM 520T decomposed elastin and grew at NaCl concentrations of 1-8%, while strain KMM 3548T grew at 1-6% NaCl. The temperature range for both strains was 4-30 degrees C. The DNA G+C contents were 46.3 (KMM 520T) and 41.1 mol% (KMM 3548T). The level of DNA relatedness between the two strains was 20%. DNA from strain KMM 520T showed 8-34% genetic relatedness and that of KMM 3548T showed 17-53% relatedness to the DNA of other type strains of the genus Pseudoalteromonas. 16S rRNA analysis indicated a clear affiliation of these novel bacteria with the genus Pseudoalteromonas. The type strains of the novel species are Pseudoalteromonas translucida sp. nov. KMM 520T (= LMG 19696T = ATCC BAA-3157T) and Pseudoalteromonas paragorgicola sp. nov. KMM 3548T (= LMG 19694T = ATCC BAA-322T).


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