A distinct actinomycete strain was isolated from rhizosphere soil of Tsuga chinensis. The isolate, designated A25T, was assigned to the genus Streptomyces on the basis of morphological and chemotaxonomic criteria and was examined by using a polyphasic approach. An almost complete 16S rDNA sequence of the isolate was determined and compared with sequences of representative streptomycetes. The 16S rDNA data not only supported classification of the strain in the genus Streptomyces, but also showed that it formed a separate phyletic line. DNA-DNA hybridization between strain A25T and closely related reference strains confirmed that strain A25T is a novel taxon of Streptomyces. It is proposed, therefore, the strain A25T (= AS 4.1331T = LMG 20251T) is classified in the genus Streptomyces as Streptomyces scopiformis sp. nov.


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