A hitherto unknown anaerobic coccus isolated from a post-operative fluid collection was characterized by phenotypic and phylogenetic methods. 16S rDNA sequence analysis revealed an affiliation of this isolate to the family Veillonellaceae. Also, a high level of sequence similarity was observed to some oral clone sequences of Megasphaera spp. contained in the GenBank database under designations BB166, CS025 and BS073. These clones and the unknown bacterium form a well-separated phylogenetic branch that may represent a novel lineage within the family Veillonellaceae. Based on phenotypic and phylogenetic evidence, a new genus, Anaeroglobus gen. nov., is proposed for the unknown bacterium, with one species, Anaeroglobus geminatus gen. nov., sp. nov. The type strain of Anaeroglobus geminatus is strain AIP 313.00T (= CIP 106856T = CCUG 44773T). It is also suggested that the oral clones BB166, CS025 and BS073 belong to the genus Anaeroglobus.


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