A novel type of dissimilatory sulfate-reducing bacterium, designated strain RS-1T, capable of producing intracellular magnetite particles (magnetosomes) was isolated from freshwater sulfide-rich sediments. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rDNA sequences revealed that RS-1T is a member of the genus Desulfovibrio. Its closest known relative is Desulfovibrio burkinensis (sequence similarity of 98.7%). Strain RS-1T contains desulfoviridin, c-type cytochromes and, unlike other Desulfovibrio spp., it possesses menaquinone MK-7(H2) instead of MK-6 or MK-6(H2). Strain RS-1T is also unique compared with other members of Desulfovibrio in its ability to synthesize intracellular magnetite particles. A novel species, Desulfovibrio magneticus sp. nov., is proposed for RS-1T (= ATCC 700980T = DSM 13731T), a sulfate-reducing magnetotactic bacterium.


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