Ten strains of the Cryptococcus humicola complex were reclassified on the basis of sequence analyses of 18S rDNA and internal transcribed spacer regions and DNA-DNA reassociation experiments. They were differentiated into seven species including C humicola. Five novel species are proposed: Cryptococcus daszewskae sp. nov. (type strain CBS 5123T = JCM 11166T = MUCL 30649T), Cryptococcus fragicola sp. nov. (type strain JCM 1530TT = CBS 88981), Cryptococcus longus sp. nov. (type strain CBS 5920T = JCM 11167T = MUCL 30690T), Cryptococcus musci sp. nov. (type strain JCM 1531T = CBS 8899T) and Cryptococcus pseudolongus sp. nov. (type strain JCM 9712T = CBS 8297T). A syntype of Sporobolomyces albidus JCM 1460T is also revealed to be a distinct species; the name Cryptococcus ramirezgomezianus nom. nov. is therefore proposed for Sporobolomyces albidus Ramírez Gómez (type strain IJFM 502T = CBS 2839T = JCM 1460T = NRRL Y-2478T), since the name Cryptococcus albidus (Saito) C. E. Skinner has already been recognized for a distinct species within the genus Cryptococcus. Strains possessing either Q-9 or Q-10 have been reported to occur in C. humicola; however, after reclassification, the ubiquinone type of the species in each phylogenetic group was shown to be uniform, indicating that it is a useful criterion for the taxonomy of the Trichosporonales.


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