An azo-dye-reducing, endospore-forming bacterium isolated from textile industry wastewater has been taxonomically studied. Particularly interesting was the ability of this organism to decolorize the azo dye Remazol Black B by 98% within 24 h. Levels of 16S rRNA similarity between the isolate and Paenibacillus species ranged from 92.1 to 95.0%. The DNA G+C content was 46.8 mol % and anteiso-branched C15:0 was the major fatty acid. Based upon the phenotypic properties and the phylogenetic inference, it is proposed that the bacterium should be designated Paenibacillus azoreducens sp. nov. The type strain of Paenibacillus azoreducens is CM1T (= DSM 13822T = NCIMB 13761T).


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