The taxon 'Sebekia benihana', an actinomycete of industrial significance, has been subjected to a polyphasic taxonomic study. 16S rDNA sequence analyses of strain DSM 44320 (= NRRL 11111) revealed 100% similarity to the 16S rDNA sequence of Nonomuraea roseola DSM 43767T and high values (>98.5%) to some other species of this genus. DNA-DNA similarity values of less than 31% observed between strain DSM 44320 and N. roseola DSM 43767T, Nonomuraea recticatena DSM 43937T and Nonomuraea africana DSM 43748T indicate that this strain represents an individual genospecies. Differences between strain DSM 44320T and the 16 validly described Nonomuraea species occur in the primary structure of the 16S rDNA, the physiological test profile, the morphology of mycelium and the spore surface and the colour of substrate mycelium. The only strain of 'S. benihana', DSM 44320T (= NRRL 11111T), is proposed as the type strain of a new species of the genus Nonomuraea, Nonomuraea dietzii sp. nov..


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