The nucleotide sequences of the 16S rRNA genes from the type strains of three seal mycoplasmas, Mycoplasma phocicerebrale, Mycoplasma phocae and Mycoplasma phocirhinis (formerly Mycoplasma phocacerebrale, Mycoplasma phocidae and Mycoplasma phocarhinis, respectively), were determined by direct DNA cycle sequencing. Polymorphisms were found in all three 16S rRNA gene sequences, showing the existence of two different rRNA operons. In M. phocae, a length difference was found between the operons, caused by an insertion or a deletion of an adenosine in one of the operons. The sequence information was used to construct phylogenetic trees. All three species were found to belong to the hominis group, but to different clusters. M. phocicerebrale and M. phocae were found to be members of the Mycoplasma hominis cluster, within which M. phocicerebrale grouped in the Mycoplasma alkalescens subcluster. M. phocirhinis was found to be a member of the Mycoplasma bovigenitalium subcluster of the Mycoplasma bovis cluster. The 16S rRNA gene sequences of all hitherto validly described species within the M. hominis and M. bovis clusters have now been determined.


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