'Isospora' lieberkuehni, an unusual isosporoid renal coccidium that parasitizes the European water frog was isolated from the edible frog, Rana kl. esculenta, in the Czech Republic. Sequencing of the small-subunit (SSU) rRNA gene showed that it belongs to the family Sarcocystidae, being closely related to a clade comprising members of the subfamily Toxoplasmatinae. The position within Sarcocystidae correlates with the mode of excystation via collapsible plates as postulated by previous authors. Phylogenetic, morphological and biological differences between 'Isospora' lieberkuehni and the other Stiedabody-lacking members of the genus Isospora justify separation of this coccidium on a generic level. Hyaloklossia Labbé, 1896 is the oldest available synonym and is herein re-erected. The original definition of the genus Hyaloklossia is emended based on recent observations.


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