The complete or nearly complete large-subunit rRNA (LSU rRNA) sequences were determined for representatives of several algal groups such as the chlorarachniophytes, cryptomonads, haptophytes, bacillariophytes, dictyochophytes and pelagophytes. Our aim was to study the phylogenetic position and relationships of the different groups of algae, and in particular to study the relationships among the different classes of heterokont algae. In LSU rRNA phylogenies, the chlorarachniophytes, cryptomonads and haptophytes seem to form independent evolutionary lineages, for which a specific relationship with any of the other eukaryotic taxa cannot be demonstrated. This is in accordance with phylogenies inferred on the basis of the small-subunit rRNA (SSU rRNA). Regarding the heterokont algae, which form a well-supported monophyletic lineage on the basis of LSU rRNA, resolution between the different classes could be improved by combining the SSU and LSU rRNA data. Based on a concatenated alignment of both molecules, the phaeophytes and the xanthophytes are sister taxa, as well as the pelagophytes and the dictyochophytes, and the chrysophytes and the eustigmatophytes. All these sister group relationships are highly supported by bootstrap analysis and by different methods of tree construction.


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