Ten strains which were characterized by the formation of ballistoconidia, the absence of xylose in whole-cell hydrolysates, the presence of Q-9 as the major ubiquinone isoprenologue, the inability to ferment sugars and positive diazonium blue B and urease reactions were isolated from plant samples collected in Thailand. These isolates were closely related to Bensingtonia phyllada based on the analysis of 18S rDNA sequences. On the basis of the morphological, physiological and chemotaxonomic properties, the 10 isolates were assigned to the genus Bensingtonia. DNA complementarity showed that these isolates were genetically distinct from known species of the genus Bensingtonia. The isolates are described as Bensingtonia thailandica sp. nov. The type strain is strain TY-138T (= JCM 10651T).


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