A bacterium, isolate GB6T, capable of degrading phenol in the presence of elevated salinity was isolated from the estuary of the River Wear, UK. The bacterium was subjected to biochemical and molecular analysis to determine its taxonomic status. These studies indicated that the bacterium was a distinct species closely related to [Pseudomonas] doudoroffii. However, the phylogenetic analysis indicated that [Pseudomonas] doudoroffii was misclassified, as noted previously. Analysis of the characteristics of isolate GB6T and the type strain of [Pseudomonas] doudoroffii confirmed that these bacteria belonged to the same novel genus, which we have named Oceanomonas gen. nov. The type strain of Oceanomonas doudoroffii (Baumann et al. 1983) comb. nov. is ATCC 27123T (= DSM 7028T. The DNA-DNA homology between isolate GB6T and [Pseudomonas] doudoroffii is low and phenotypic differences between the two organisms are evident. Isolate GB6T (= ATCC 700832T = NCIMB 13685T) is therefore proposed as the type strain of a new species, Oceanomonas baumannii sp. nov.


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