The taxonomic position of a group of moderately thermophilic actinomycetes isolated from vegetable matter was determined using a suite of genotypic and phenotypic properties. The organisms were found to share a range of chemical and morphological markers typical of members of the genus Amycolatopsis. A representative of the group, strain K24T, formed a distinct phyletic line within the range of variation occupied by the genus Amycolatopsis in the 16S rDNA tree. The strains have many phenotypic properties in common and some of these distinguish the group from representatives of the validly described species of Amycolatopsis. It is clear from the combined datasets that the strains merit recognition as a new species of Amycolatopsis. The name proposed for the new species is Amycolatopsis sacchari; the type strain is K24T (= DSM 44468T = KCTC 9863T).


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