It was reported before that [Pseudomonas] woodsii and Burkholderia andropogonis are phenotypically indistinguishable and probably represent the same taxon, for which the name B. andropogonis has been proposed. In the present study, it was found that [P.] woodsii and B. andropogonis strains were indistinguishable by whole-cell protein electrophoresis and have a highly similar cellular fatty acid composition. A high DNA-DNA binding value of 95% was found between the type strains of both species. In addition, the 16S rDNA sequence of [P.] woodsii strain LMG 2362T was very similar to that of B. andropogonis LMG 2129T (99.0%). The chemotaxonomic and genotypic data confirm that [P.] woodsii and B. andropogonis represent the same species, for which it is proposed to retain the name B. andropogonis.


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