A group of strains with potent extracellular enzymic activity were isolated from the surfaces of the chain-forming sea-ice diatom Melosira and from an unidentified macrophyte collected from the Eastern Antarctic coastal zone. 16S rDNA sequence analysis indicated that the strains belonged to the genus Cellulophaga and showed greatest similarity to the species Cellulophaga baltica (sequence similarity 97%). Phenotypic characteristics, DNA base composition and DNA-DNA hybridization values clearly separate the Antarctic strains from Cellulophaga baltica and other Cellulophaga species. Thus, the strains form a distinct and novel species and have the proposed name Cellulophaga algicola sp. nov. (type strain IC166T = ACAM 630T). In addition, it was recognized that the species Cytophaga uliginosa (ZoBell and Upham 1944) Reichenbach 1989, a species phylogenetically remote from the type species of the genus Cytophaga, possessed 16S rDNA sequences and phenotypic and chemotaxonomic traits similar to those of other Cellulophaga species. Thus, it was proposed that the species Cytophaga uliginosa be renamed as Cellulophaga uliginosa comb. nov.


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