A bacterial strain, YC300T, that produces an iturin-like antifungal antibiotic was isolated from compost and identified as member of the genus Paenibacillus. Gram reaction of the strain was variable depending upon growth stages and culture media. Three different types of colonies were developed on tryptic soy agar. The organism was facultatively anaerobic and grew at 50 degrees C. The DNA G+C content was 54 mol % and anteiso-C15:0 was the major fatty acid. A 0.9 kb fragment was produced by PCR amplification of strain YC300T DNA using primers PAEN515F and 1377R. Levels of 16S rDNA similarity between strain YC300T and other Paenibacillus species were between 89.8 and 94.8%. Phylogenetically, strain YC300T formed a significant monophyletic clade with Paenibacillus validus. It is clear from polyphasic evidence that the isolate should be classified as Paenibacillus koreensis sp. nov., the type strain of which is YC300T (= KCTC 2393T, KCCM 40903T).


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