A diverse range of fermentative bacteria have been isolated from the commercial salterns of Salin-de-Giraud (Camargue, France). One of these isolates, strain SG 3902T, has many of the morphological and physiological characteristics of the genus Orenia, as was confirmed by a phylogenetic study based on 16S rRNA gene sequencing. The closest species is Orenia marismortui, with a similarity of only 95.1%. However, strain SG 3902T, unlike O. marismortui, does not ferment mannose, glycogen or starch. The G + C contents of the DNA also differ significantly, being 29.6 mol% for O. marismortui and 33.7 mol% for strain SG 3902T. On the basis of these physiological and genetic differences, it is proposed that strain SG 3902T should be considered as a representative of a new species belonging to the genus Orenia, under the name Orenia salinaria sp. nov. The type strain is SG 3902T (= ATCC 700911).


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