A Gram-positive, cold-adapted, aerobic, spherical actinobacterium (strain T2T) with a quite low cardinal growth temperature was isolated from Chinese Great-Wall station in Antarctica. Sequence comparisons of the 16S rDNA indicated the isolate to be a phylogenetic member of the genus Micrococcus, family Micrococcaceae, in which it represents a novel lineage. The phylogenetic distinctness of the isolate with respect to the type strains Micrococcus luteus and Micrococcus lylae was supported by DNA-DNA similarity values of less than 40%. Chemotaxonomic properties supported the placement of the isolate in the genus Micrococcus. The diagnostic diamino acid of the cell-wall peptidoglycan is lysine. The predominant menaquinones are MK-8 and MK-8(H2). The G + C content of the DNA of the isolate is 66.4 mol%. Genotypic, morphological and physiological characteristics were used to describe a new species of Micrococcus, for which the name Micrococcus antarcticus is proposed. The type strain is T2T (= AS 1.2372T).


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