A new genus, Mogibacterium, is proposed for anaerobic, non-spore-forming, Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria which have been isolated from the periodontal pockets of adult human patients with periodontal disease and infected root canals. The novel isolates, strains D2-18T, BA11a-f and D5-2T, were inert in most of the conventional biochemical tests and phenotypically resemble asaccharolytic Eubacterium species. The protein profiles of whole cells on SDS-PAGE gels and Western immunoblotting reaction analysis distinguished these organisms from type strains belonging to the previously described Eubacterium species. The G + C content of the DNA is 45-46 mol% for Mogibacterium pumilum and 46 mol% for Mogibacterium vescum. The levels of DNA-DNA relatedness of these new species to other Eubacterium species, including Eubacterium limosum, Eubacterium brachy, Eubacterium lentum, Eubacterium nodatum, Eubacterium saphenum, and the more recently proposed Eubacterium minutum and Eubacterium exiguum (reclassified as Slackia exigua), are less than 2%. The DNA-DNA hybridization value between M. pumilum and M. vescum was 30%. Eubacterium timidum exhibited DNA homologies with Mogibacterium species which were low (17 and 18%) but clearly higher than with all the other Eubacterium species. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that the closest phylogenetic neighbour of Mogibacterium species was E. timidum, and that these three species represent a novel lineage distinct from the previously described genera of Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria. On the basis of phenotypic characteristics and 16S rRNA gene sequence comparisons, it is also proposed that E. timidum is transferred to the genus Mogibacterium gen. nov. as Mogibacterium timidum gen. nov., comb. nov. (type strain ATCC 33093T).


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