The taxonomic position of a thermophilic actinomycete strain isolated from poultry faeces was examined using a polyphasic approach. The isolate, designated B19T, was assigned to the genus Streptomyces on the basis of chemotaxonomic and morphological criteria. An almost complete 16S rRNA gene (rDNA) sequence obtained for the test strain was compared with those of representative streptomycetes, notably thermophilic streptomycetes. 16S rDNA sequence data not only supported the assignment of the strain to the genus Streptomyces but also showed that the isolate formed a distinct phyletic line within the evolutionary branch composed of Streptomyces thermodiastaticus and related species. The strain was distinguished from related validly described Streptomyces species by a number of phenotypic properties. It is, therefore, proposed that strain B19T be classified in the genus Streptomyces as Streptomyces thermocoprophilus sp. nov.


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