Four new yeasts are described that were recognized as novel from nucleotide substitutions in domain D1/D2 of 26S rDNA, a region that is sufficiently divergent to allow resolution of most ascomycetous yeast species. The new species and their type strains are as follows: Pichia maclurae NRRL Y-5377T (= CBS 8671T); Pichia misumaiensis NRRL Y-17389T (= CBS 8062T); Candida mycetangii NRRL Y-6843T (= CBS 8675T); and Candida ulmi NRRL YB-2694T (= CBS 8670T). The two Pichia species form spherical ascospores and are heterothallic. Phylogenetic analysis of domain D1/D2 sequences placed the four new species in the Pichia anomala clade.


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