Partial sequences for 16S rDNA were determined for strains of the genus Saccharothrix, including most described species, as well as strains of the described species of the related genera Kutzneria, Actinokineospora and Actinosynnema. These were aligned with published sequences for other species of these genera, as well as those of the genera 'Actinoalloteichus', 'Asiosporangium', Lentzea, Kutzneria, Streptoalloteichus and representative taxa from other actinomycete families. Phylogenetic analysis of the sequence data showed that species of the genera Actinokineospora, Actinosynnema, Lentzea and Saccharothrix are members of the same clade, and distinct from the Pseudonocardiaceae. It is proposed that a new family be created within the class Actinobacteria for these genera, to be called the Actinosynnemataceae on the basis of the oldest described genus within this family, Actinosynnema Hasegawa et al. The chemotaxonomic properties of all the genera to be placed within the new family have similar cell wall type (type III), whole-cell sugars (generally galactose although mannose and rhamnose may be present), phospholipid type (PII) and menaquinones [MK-9(H4) predominant].


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