A marine bacterium, Alteromonas elyakovii KMM 162T, which was described recently, and five strains isolated from spot-wounded fronds of Laminaria japonica have been subjected to phylogenetic analysis, and geno- and phenotypic characterization. The phenotypic features of Pseudoalteromonas elyakovii strains were closely related to that of Pseudoalteromonas espejiana IAM 12640T, but utilization of three carbon compounds (D-mannose, L-tyrosine and trehalose) distinguished both species. The G+C content of Pseudoalteromonas elyakovii was between 38.5 and 38.9 mol%. Pseudoalteromonas elyakovii KMM 162T and the five Laminaria isolates constitute a single species different from any other Alteromonas and Pseudoalteromonas species as revealed by DNA-DNA hybridization data, especially Pseudoalteromonas distincta KMM 638T (52.4%), Pseudoalteromonas citrea KMM 216 (49.5%), Pseudoalteromonas carrageenovora NCIMB 302T (46.9%) and Pseudoalteromonas espejiana IAM 12640T (29.9%). All the data indicated that Alteromonas elyakovii KMM 162T should be reclassified as Pseudoalteromonas elyakovii and five strains isolated from Laminaria japonica have to be included in the species. Pseudoalteromonas elyakovii comb. nov. (type strain, KMM 162T = ATCC 700519T) is proposed and a set of phenotypic features which differentiate the Pseudoalteromonas species is described.


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