A novel, curved (0.3 x 4.0-5.0 microm), Gram-negative, non-sporulating, mesophilic bacterium, designated strain ILE-3T (T = type strain), was isolated from an anaerobic lagoon in a dairy wastewater treatment plant. Optimal growth occurred at 37 degrees C and pH 7.4 on a medium containing serine as an energy source and yeast extract. The strain was motile by means of one or two lateral flagella. It required yeast extract for growth on serine, glycine, threonine and pyruvate. Poor growth was obtained on cysteine, Casamino acids, biotrypcase, peptone and 2-oxoglutarate. In the presence of Methanobacterium formicicum, strain ILE-3T oxidized alanine, glutamate, leucine, isoleucine, valine and aspartate to a minor extent. The G+C content of the DNA was 44 mol%. Phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA gene of strain ILE-3T indicated that it was related to Aminobacterium colombiense (95% similarity value). On the basis of the phenotypic and phylogenetic characteristics, strain ILE-3T is designated as a new species of the genus Aminobacterium, namely Aminobacterium mobile sp. nov. (= DSM 12262T).


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