Strain AX-2T (T = type strain) was isolated from sediment of Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. Optimal salinity for growth was 27% (w/v) NaCl and only a few carbohydrates supported growth of the strain. Strain AX-2T did not grow on complex substrates such as yeast extract or peptone. 16S rRNA analysis revealed that strain AX-2T was a member of the phyletic group defined by the family Halobacteriaceae, but there was a low degree of similarity to other members of this family. The polar lipid composition comprising phosphatidyl glycerol, the methylated derivative of diphosphatidyl glycerol, triglycosyl diethers and sulfated triglycosyl diethers, but not phosphatidyl glycerosulfate, was not identical to that of any other aerobic, halophilic species. On the basis of the data presented, it is proposed that strain AX-2T should be placed in a new taxon, for which the name Halorhabdus utahensis is appropriate. The type strain is strain AX-2T (= DSM 12940T).


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