Strain K1, isolated from the gastrointestinal tract of Atlantic salmon (), has the capacity to inhibit the growth of the fish pathogens and Strain K1 is a motile Gram-positive psychrophilic rod that lacks both catalase and oxidase, which does not grow on acetate containing media, but grows at pH 9 and in TSB with up to 6 % sodin chloride content. Strain K1 is facultatively anaerobic and tryptone as a sole source of nutrient promotes growth. The most abundant cellular fatty acid of strain K1 is oleic acid (18:19). Based on 16S rDNA sequence comparisons, it is suggested that strain K1 is phylogenetically closely related to C. However, the unique phenotypic attributes of strain K1 suggest that it represents a new species. The name i proposed, for which the type strain is K1 (= CCUG 31728).


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