A rubber-degrading bacterium (strain Kd2) was isolated from fouling tyre water inside a deteriorated automobile tyre. The strain was aerobic, Grampositive, produced elementary branching hyphae which fragmented into rod/coccus-like elements and showed chemotaxonomic markers which were consistent with the classification of , i.e. -diaminopimelic acid, -glycolyl muramic acid, arabinose and galactose as diagnostic sugars, a fatty acid pattern composed of unbranched saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids with a considerable amount of tuberculostearic acid, and mycolic acids comprising 58-66 carbon atoms with two principal mycolic acids C and C counting for over 60%. Results of 16S rDNA analyses as well as chemotaxonomic results, led to the conclusion that sp. strain Kd2 (= DSM 44302) represents a new species within the genus for which the name is proposed.


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